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Couples Program

When you’re in a committed relationship, you do a lot of things together. So why would alcohol and drug recovery be any different? It’s not uncommon for couples to struggle with similar substance abuse problems and in some cases, people enabling one another makes things a whole lot worse. What good is finding help for one when the other is going to continue using and abusing drugs? When you find treatment together, it’s easier to provide help and support for one another while you both make strides towards reaching sobriety. There are a number of different options for treatments and therapies for couples and the only way to find the one right for your situation is to call i-Kare Treatment Center right now and learn more about the process.

Is Couples Addiction Recovery Effective?

At i-Kare Treatment Center, we understand that everyone’s conditional situation is different. Our integrated drug and alcohol treatment program is designed for devoted couples who wish to embark on their recovery together. Clinical group therapy targeting the unique issues couples face while attending a treatment program and while suffering from a disease of addiction is paramount to helping couples attending i-Kare Treatment Center in West Palm Beach attain what most tend to feel is only available to individuals seeking addiction treatment.

At i-Kare Treatment Center, we believe addiction is a family disease.  Recovery is difficult enough when it involves one family member.  When both partners in a relationship are trying to get sober at the same time, this creates additional challenges.  We believe that it’s possible for couples to find sobriety together with the right treatment and support.  As a result, we’ve created a special track for couples who meet our criteria and who are selected to enter the program.

What Happens in Couples Treatment?

Goals of the program include teaching couple’s about the differences between interdependence and codependence, developing healthy communication skills, and developing a recovery program where each has their own supports while being supportive of each other’s recovery.
A minimum of 8 weeks of Intensive Outpatient Treatment, which includes:

Minimum of 9 hours of group therapy per week

A weekly individual session with a therapist
Bi-weekly couple’s session with therapis

Specialized Couple’s Groups:

Family roles group
Communication skills
Interdependence vs. Co-dependence and setting boundaries
Specialized handouts and homework assignments

Finding the help of the right couple isn’t always easy, but thankfully i-Kare Treatment Center is here to assist any couple who is ready to start living free from drug and alcohol abuse. You’re in a relationship because you love and care about another person. Instead of letting drug and alcohol abuse ruin both your lives, call i-Kare Treatment Center right now and find the help you both need to overcome your problems and reach sobriety once and for all. Thankfully i-Kare Treatment Center has a wide variety of treatments available to help people from all walks of life as they take steps to better themselves.

Receiving Couple Treatment Together

When you are involved with someone in a relationship, you do everything together. So, why should the treatment of drug addiction be any different?

No matter if it is you or your partner who is struggling with the trials and the very tough challenges of addiction, or whether the you and your partner both are going through the same issue of addiction, we at i-kare treatment center are here to offer a complete treatment program that is created specifically for couples who seek to have treatment together.

When you alone seek help in a relationship and the other continue the abuse of dugs it makes it a lot worse instead of making it any easier. Couples who fight with addiction can get the greatest results when their therapy is combined with relationship therapy.

At i-kare treatment center, out experts will support you through this thick and thin in this journey, and help you go through the healing process together and recover in a safe, healthy, and effective environment. When both the persons decide to participate in the process, they could learn to recover from the addiction together.

Couple who wish to recover from alcohol and drug abuse have an advantage because when one is relapsing the other helps, it helps to stay sober together and hold each other accountable.

Our professionals at i-kare treatment center for couples have a systematically designed drug treatment program for couples, where they work with a goal to treat the problem of addiction and restore hope, positivity and a family environment in the couple’s relationship.

The components of the program include an extensive 8 week of outpatient treatment which includes all kinds of therapies, Individual and dual sessions and also specialized couples groups where you can also enhance your communication skills.

Getting over an addiction and deciding to live freely in indeed a tough choice.

Thankfully at i-kare treatment center, you can receive all the kinds of help and assistance that you desire. A relationship is all about love and care and when you opt for couple treatment, you tend to better your relationship and reach sobriety instead of letting drug addiction destroy your relationship.

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