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I really want to give a huge shoutout to i-kare treament center for their care, integrity, and love that they have given me. 6 months ago I came to i-kare, from the streets and they gave me not just a house but a home and have helped me rebuild my life. Mr. Jonathan and Ms. Nicole have helped give me a safe and encouraging home and helped provide me with the necessary life tools to recovery. I would really encourage anyone that wants to get their life together and want to find real love, support and encouragement to come to i-kare. My journey was long, hard and difficult and Ikare gave me the hope to continue my journey of life. The dedication and love that they give their clients is unparalleled to any place else I have been. Thank you Mr. Jonathan, Ms. Nicole and all other staff for the love, support, hope, faith and confidence in me:)-

Kelsey M.

iKare id an excellent iop/housing company for people in recovery.The techs and staff really do care. They help you to gain life skills so that you may find a job. Their goal isn’t to get money from you, it’s to help you get well so you can move on from treatment. I’ve never been to an iop before that wanted my success, seeing as they usually make their fortune off of our failures, but this place wants us to be in a place where we can be able to move forward into a place in our lives where we can be successful recovering addicts and alcoholics that can take care of themselves while working a strong program of recovery. The owner John is a great guy who’s only agenda is to help you be the best you that you can be. I would recommend iKare to anyone who is looking for a fun but serious place to recover and live a fulfilling life.

Ashley H.

Six months ago today, I entered I-Kare Treatment center. I was [angry] at the world and myself, broken, blamed everyone but myself for my addiction and the consequences from that. I lacked self esteem and life skills. I didn’t really have a great relationship with my family and didn’t really have a higher power. Through the staff showing me unconditional love, patience, boundaries, consequences for my actions, respect, tolerance, life skills and at times tough love. I have blossomed into some one I’m really proud of and so is my family. Because of I-Kare’s staff, my supports and my hard work I am a full-time college student with a 3.0 GPA. I have a real relationship with my family to the point that I’m invited to my nephews 1st birthday and going to be a bridesmaid in my baby sisters wedding. I have a great connection with a higher power and have an amazing sponsor that the owners put me in touch with. Today I take responsibility for my actions and accept the consequences that come with it. I’m a lot less angry and I have some self esteem. I’m also a lot more independent. Thank you I-Kare staff for all that you have done and continue to do for me!

Erin G.

IKare has helped more than any other treatment center I’ve been to. I’ve been struggling for 5 years going to multiple treatments to get clean and they have gone out of their way more than any other place to make sure I stay on the right path. The staff knew I was about to get high so they came over to give me some other options to make sure I’m safe. I have only been with them for a week and I’m extremely grateful for what they have done for me so far.

Katherine D.

Ikare is part of my family. Because a family loves you through good and bad. I made amazing relationships with the clients and staff. Truly a great place to start over and embrace your true self once you allow yourself to be found!

Emma M.

I just want to say Ikare really went out of their way to help me it’s a great place and I’m happy I found it they really saved me and took care of me and the people who they have speak and come talk to us there really inspire me to do better i came in a mess my life was going down the drain fast and they didn’t give up on me they actually show they care the go out of there way at Ikare to help anybody I’d recommend this place to everyone in search of treatment I’m happy to be a part of their IOP and I feel like I’m building a family there.

Justin T.

I just want to thank Ikare for all the help and encouragement that they have giving me along my journey. This has been a huge help for me to get back on my feet. The kindness and support they have shown me by working with me helping balance my recovery and work and moving my life forward and getting out of that vicious cycle bouncing from treatment to halfway. I am so blessed that I found Ikare, and the staff, you know who you are. that guided me and built me up to the man I am today. If there is ever anything I could do or give back, I will always be the first to jump.

Michael R.

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