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Many people face traumatic incidents in their lives. Trauma is a pervasive problem that takes many different forms. Childhood trauma, PTSD, first responder employment, natural disasters and many other situations can create trauma in your life. After experiencing trauma, people need professional help when it comes to processing their emotions, fears and any negativity related to the trauma. Under no circumstances should you ever turn to drugs or alcohol to treat your trauma. If you’ve faced trauma and you need help, our professionals at i-Kare Treatment Center are here to help.

How can trauma lead to drug or alcohol abuse?

All too often, trauma creates negative feelings such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and other stresses. Far too many individuals turn to drugs, alcohol and other harmful habits in attempts to treat the effects of their trauma. But this isn’t how proper treatment works.

Turning to drugs and alcohol won’t fix the trauma you’ve faced. In fact, drugs and alcohol can create even more trauma in your life. Living with the cycles of trauma, addiction, alcoholism and related frustrations is no way to spend your days.

Drug abuse and alcoholism are frustrating conditions that will only exacerbate the struggles of trauma. If you’re looking for real solutions to your trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety and other struggles, it’s time to see how our professionals at i-Kare Treatment Center can help.

How are trauma, drug abuse and alcohol abuse treated simultaneously?

At i-Kare Treatment Center, we know that holistic care is one of the most valuable tools in turning things around. We offer a holistic approach to trauma treatment, offering services, therapies and sessions that can also help address alcoholism and addiction as well.

Our patients at i-Kare Treatment Center have several treatment options to choose from. Our treatment options include:

  • Day Treatment Programs
  • Intensive Outpatient Services
  • Night Treatment Programs
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Life Skills Services

These varying treatment paths and services include personalized, group and holistic approaches to treatment offer effective approaches to healing. Getting better is all about developing the tools you need for healing. At i-Kare Treatment Center, we can help you develop the tools you need to get and stay better.

How can I get started?

Often, taking the first step in turning things around can be the hardest step. At i-Kare Treatment Center, we offer a holistic approach to treatment to help individuals from all walks of life turn their situations around. We believe that getting started can be the easiest step. We’re here 24/7 to help you, call (561) 331-8453 to get started.

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