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Couples Treatment

You do a lot of things with your partner while you’re in a committed relationship. So what makes you think that alcohol and drug rehab will be any different? It’s not unusual for couples to have similar substance abuse issues, and in some situations, enabling one another can make things even worse. What good is it to seek treatment for one if the other continues to use and abuse drugs? It’s easier to provide assistance and support for one another as you both work for sobriety when you seek recovery together.

Couples Treatment

There are a variety of medication and therapy services available for couples, and the only way to find the one that is right for you is to call i-Kare Couple Treatment Center right now and learn more about what couple treatment is like.

Is Couple Treatment Effective?

At i-Kare Couple Treatment Center, we recognize that each person’s condition is unique. Our comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment program is for committed couples who want to start their recovery journey together. Clinical community counselling addressing the particular challenges couples face while in recovery and suffering from an addiction disease is critical in assisting couples at the i-Kare Couple Treatment Center in Florida achieve what most people believe is only open to individuals pursuing addiction treatment.

How Couple Treatment Helps Both the Partners

Addiction affects not just the addict, but also their families, friends, coworkers, and, perhaps most importantly, their spouses. If either or both partners in a relationship have a drug use problem, it can be harmful to both parties and make it difficult to have a stable, supportive partnership, whether they are dating, cohabiting, or just in a relationship.

Even if the dependent partner has undergone therapy and is abstinent, the damage caused on the other partner over the course of the relationship remains. Trust must be restored, and all partners in the relationship must recognize and work together to resolve their flaws. Without assistance, this can be difficult. Couples counselling will assist both parties in seeing eye to eye and working toward rebuilding a loving relationship.

What Is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on identifying and resolving problems in a relationship. It’s also known as marital counselling, so it doesn’t require the couples to be married to benefit from it. Licensed marriage and family therapists assist couples in better understanding each other, improving open communication, and resolving relationship issues. Some couples go to counselling before getting married or to work out minor problems, and therapy is usually done for a limited period of time. It may take longer for more serious problems in the relationship, such as drug abuse or infidelity, depending on the couple. Often one of the partners will decide to seek additional help.

Working with a licensed therapist has the added advantage of providing a safe place for you and your partner to share your thoughts and frustrations. If talks tend to devolve into shouting matches, the therapist may serve as a neutral third party to ensure that both parties’ opinions and feelings are considered. Couples counselling can assign homework to a couple, such as communication exercises, as well as tools to aid them in the long run. It’s important to note that both parties must work together to make a partnership work. Couples counselling can also help two people understand that ending their relationship is the best choice, and they can work on doing so in the best way possible, particularly if their finances are intertwined.

Navigating a relationship in which there is an addiction will break apart otherwise strong couples. Couples counselling, fortunately, has been shown to help people who are dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction. People who underwent behavioral couples therapy (BCT) reduced their alcohol use more than those who only received individual counselling, according to several reports conducted by the National Institutes of Health. Intimate partner abuse and children’s psychosocial adjustment were also improved.

How Does Addiction Impact Intimate Relationships?

When either or both partners in a partnership abuse drugs or alcohol, it may lead to a slew of serious problems. Couples can face financial difficulties if one partner spends money on their addiction or is unable to work, putting burden on the other. They frequently have poor communication, a lack of confidence, and codependency trends. There’s even a higher chance of verbal and physical abuse. Substance abuse is linked to 40-60% of intimate partner violence, and a parent with a drug or alcohol addiction is three times more likely to abuse their child. Addiction may have a negative effect on sexual functioning, leaving one or both partners unsatisfied or unloved.

Couple Treatment at i-kare Treatment Center

We believe addiction is a family condition at i-Kare Treatment Center. Recovery is tough enough when only one family member is involved. When all partners in a relationship are attempting to become sober at the same time, it adds to the difficulty. We believe that with the right care and help, couples can achieve sobriety together. As a result, for couples who meet our requirements and are accepted into the programme, we’ve built a special track.

Finding the right treatment for couples isn’t always easy, but luckily, i-Kare Treatment Center is here to help any couple who is ready to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. You’re in a relationship with someone because you love and care for them. Rather than allowing drug and alcohol addiction to destroy both of your lives, call i-Kare Treatment Center right now to get the support you both need to solve your issues and achieve long-term sobriety. Thankfully, the i-Kare Recovery Center offers a wide range of treatments to assist individuals from all walks of life in their efforts to improve themselves.

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