Partial Hospitalization Program

In some cases, recovering from a serious drug abuse problem can require a treatment style known as partial hospitalization. While many choose to enter into a recovery program where they spend a set amount of time at a rehabilitation center, PHP treatment involves daily treatment on-site, but patients can remain living at their home throughout the course of treatment. Partial hospitalization can be an effective treatment style for some, but the only way to know for sure if PHP is right for you is to contact the skilled professionals at i-Kare Treatment Center right away for more information.

The skilled drug and alcohol addiction counselors at i-Kare Treatment Center have helped countless patients overcome their addiction and substance abuse through the use of PHP treatment and you can be next! All you have to do is pick up the phone and call i-Kare Treatment Center today for more information.

Does PHP Treatment Really Work?

Everyone is unique so it’s important to find the path to recovery which allows you the freedom to be yourself and get better at your own pace. PHP treatment is perfect for anyone who sees that they are starting to head down the wrong path, but aren’t fully debilitated by a serious addiction problem just yet. The longer someone waits, the worse addiction and substance abuse is going to become. There’s no reason to let yourself go down that road when there are such great options for recovery.

Those who suffer from co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse can also find relief from their problems through partial hospitalization treatment. Through individual counseling sessions, group work and many more treatment methods, it’s possible for anyone to manage their mental, emotional and physical health while learning how to say no to drugs and alcohol going forward.

Is PHP Addiction Recovery Right for Me?

The only way to know for sure if partial hospitalization treatment is right for you is to contact the professionals at i-Kare Treatment Center right now and speak to someone qualified to help. Our addiction treatment coordinators are always ready and willing to assist someone as they take steps to better themselves. Having a skilled addiction recovery therapist working with you can be a huge boost of confidence and positive energy so don’t hesitate to get more information about how the caring specialists at i-Kare Treatment Center are able to help. Life is too important to let drugs and alcohol ruin it, so call today and get back on the right track.

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