Traumatic events can have a large effect on one’s life. If you’re struggling with the effects from a traumatic event, you can get help. Seeking trauma therapy begins when you call I-Kare Treatment Center. We have a team of professionals who are able to provide you with the care you need to help deal with the trauma you’re struggling with. Trauma can lead to other issues in one’s life, such as drug or alcohol abuse. Many people turn to alcohol or drugs to try and drown out the traumatic experience they went through. These substances only lead to further issues, and getting help for the trauma you’re struggling with is the best way to overcome these issues.  

How is trauma treated at I-Kare Treatment Center?

At I-Kare Treatment Center, we offer an holistic approach to our trauma therapy. Our unique services and therapies will help you learn about why you’re struggling and help you learn positive ways to cope. Drug use and alcohol abuse are negative ways to cope with your trauma and are only a temporary fix to help you forget about your traumatic event. Getting care at I-Kare Treatment Center can provide you with the trauma therapy you need to overcome your experience. Some of our treatment options include: 

  • Day treatment programs  
  • Outpatient services  
  • Night treatment programs  
  • Holistic healing  
  • Life skills therapy  

Offering a personalized and holistic approach to trauma therapy is one of the best ways to overcome the struggles you’re currently facing. At I-Kare Treatment Center we offer trauma therapy to help those who have faced any type of trauma. Car accidents, PTSD, physical abuse, and sexual abuse are all incidents that can cause trauma in one’s life. Getting the right help can help you get past these incidents and learn how to cope. Our patients at I-Kare Treatment Center have many treatment options to help them overcome the traumatic event that has occurred in their life.  

Get the trauma therapy you need

If you’ve faced a traumatic incident that has led to anxiety, depression, drug use, or alcohol abuse you can get the help you need. I-Kare Treatment Center offers many programs and treatment options to help you. A holistic approach to healing will allow you to learn how to cope when you’re struggling with the past events that have caused trauma. Don’t wait to get the help you need. Call I-Kare Treatment Center today and see how we can help you.