Mental Health West Palm Beach

Who offers Depression and Substance Abuse Treatment in West Palm Beach?

Depression is a mental health illness that many people struggle with, yet often times it goes undiagnosed. Many who are battling depression in West Palm Beach fear seeking help because they don’t think anyone will understand what they’re going through or they feel like they will be judged. Depression can lead to trying drugs or drinking more often, which will only compound the issues you’re dealing with. Substance abuse won’t help your depression, yet people use drugs or alcohol to try and forget about their other issues.

Can Dual Diagnosis Treatment help me?

At i-Kare Treatment Center we have programs to help those who are struggling with depression and substance abuse. When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol while also dealing with a mental health disorder such as depression the best treatment to help you overcome these issues is known as dual diagnosis treatment. When in dual diagnosis treatment you’ll work towards achieving sobriety while also working on overcoming your depression.

As with many mental health illnesses depression can worsen over time. It may not seem like a big deal at first and you may not want to seek the treatment you need. Overtime when depression worsens it may lead you to substance abuse to try and drown out your problems and try to feel better. I-Kare Treatment Center is here to help you overcome these issues through our different programs. We want to help you get sober and learn ways to cope when you’re feeling down, and our programs are designed to best help you do so.

Reaching out and asking for help isn’t always easy. For many people, it’s a very scary thought to admit you have a problem and ask for help. Once you do though, you’ll be able to find the best treatment program and work on overcoming your issues and leading a happier and healthier life. While you are struggling with depression and substance abuse now, you don’t have to continue struggling. The help you need is available and it starts with a simple phone call. To begin your journey towards getting dual diagnosis help and to know Who offers Depression and Substance Abuse Treatment, call our depression recovery treatment center in West Palm Beach today.

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