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Anger Management

Definition of anger

One cannot completely get rid of anger it is vital, and plays an essential role in our survival, it’s instinctive, and results as a reaction to a threat response. It becomes a problem when it starts to control you, rather you controlling it. Which results in actions which one regrets later.

It is absolutely disastrous for both Physical and Mental health of an individual. Harmful for him and those around him. It is very important to find the root cause of anger and hat triggers it, to find a reliable and successful solution to the problem.

It is very important to learn the techniques of anger management, as it can be helpful for an individual’s life and for the life others around him.

Causes of anger

There are many factors that cause anger, the factors can be both external and internal.

It can be family issues, finance problems, stress. Sometime anger can be termed as an underlying disorder, for alcohol problems or depression, anger is never termed as a disorder. But cause of other disorders.


Depression is an ongoing feeling for a longer period than 2 weeks, symptoms include, loss of interest and sadness. Expressing anger differs from person to person, it can expressed overtly or suppressed.


Other symptoms of depression are:

Being irritated, energy loss, hopelessness, self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)

An anxiety disorder known as OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), where one has behavior which is compulsive and thought which are obsessive. An individual is bombarded with disturbing thoughts, causing them to do repetitive action.

They tend to fall into ritualistic following of an action, which they repeat and fear something bad will happen if they top like they count on numbers or repeat words.

Anger being a symptoms of OCD, due to inability to stop thoughts associated with OCD, individuals can get frustrated, and can lead to them becoming very angry most of the times.

Alcoholism issue:

As alcohol consumption leads to aggressive behavior, and is leading cause of half of the crimes committed globally. As one cannot think clearly. Or make valuable decisions, which subject a person to anger.


A disorder of the neurodevelopment, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), is faced by many individuals worldwide and is getting very common disorder, as diagnosis are carried out. It causes an individual being hyper all the time, impulsive behavior and inattention.

It develops in childhood and roots in the person personal life, as for many it is diagnosed I adulthood. Anger can be a part of a person life with ADHD. Being short tempered.

Symptoms are them being restless, focus issues, extremely poor management of time and poor planning


Oppositional defiant disorder, mainly occurs in children and they are often characterized as angry, hot tempered and irritated. They are easily annoyed, these symptoms can continue to adult life, making them an angry individual and danger to themselves and the society.

Bipolar disorder, intermittent explosive disorder and personal grief issues are other main factors contributing to anger in an individual.

Symptoms of anger

Anger affects various parts of the individual’s body. Specially the heart, muscles and brain, an increase in testosterone and decline in cortisol.

Anger signs

Physical signs

Increase in blood pressure, heart rate, tension and stiffness in muscles, tingling sensation in the body.

Emotional signs of anger

These symptoms may either noticed before or after the anger episode. Eve during the episode.

Like being irritated, frustrated, feeling of anxiety, extreme rage or stress, being guilty or sad.

Types of anger manifestation:

There is variety in anger manifestation.  Expression of anger differs.

Namely inward, outward and passive

Inward manifestation:

This directed to an individual s inner self, indulging in negative self-talk, completely denying responsibilities, and opportunities that make an individual happy and is often isolated.

Outward manifestation:

This is very common, and obvious, an individual empresses anger by shouting, hitting, abusing, throwing or breaking stuff. Being physically and verbally abusive.

Passive manifestation:

Now these are the indirect way of expressing anger, hurting someone silently and not directly. Involved in sarcasm, passing bad remarks etc.

Anger management

If the issue is not temporarily in life and if it prolongs, affecting the individual life and others around him, giving them trouble in their family life and work life. This is where the role of anger management comes into play.  An individual can apply anger management techniques by themselves and see the benefits of the manifestation of the efforts done. It is important to diagnose the root cause, and if one simply cannot do it by themselves, then it’s time to seek professional help. Because one cannot simply cope with the symptoms of anger sometimes by themselves, which is absolutely normal.

Anger Management

The mainly used techniques of anger management are:-

  • Practicing techniques of relaxation,
  • Behavioral therapy,
  • Treating, anxiety, depression, ADHD, odd, OCD, bipolar disorder etc. Medications can be provided to cope with the issues which can put oneself on the track of betterment and recovery.
  • One should attend and enroll in Anger management classes. Either take online option or telephonic, even personal physical visits are extremely recommended.
  • Participate actively in support groups.

Stress inoculation:

The anger agent therapy is focused on CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) which helps the individual identify unrealistic negative beliefs and unhelpful thought patterns.

These techniques may involve deep muscle relaxation, restructuring of the cognitive functions, breathing exercises, how to stop harmful thoughts, self-talk internal dialogues, assertiveness training and role playing.

These coping skills are highly successful in treating anger and a successful anger management technique. It helps for a person to fall into relapse, also helps in addiction, and stressful situations that triggers anger.

Important note:

Anger is an important emotion and anger management is an important choice. And it has better and positive long lasting benefits. It can completely transform the life of an individual who suffers from anger issues. It takes work for anger management to work effectively, but yes it is possible and it has proved absolutely beneficial for personal development and improvement, has changed lives of people affected directly or indirectly by anger.

Anger Is a Common Response

Anger is a common response to infuriating, provoking or threatening experiences that harm your body in numerous ways. It can also be caused because of multiple reasons. For instance, reasons like sadness, solitude, or anxiety. In majority of the cases, the emotion may seem to arise from absolutely nowhere.

Feeling angry more frequently that can reach to an extreme can also destroy close relationships and an individual’s emotional well-being and also your social life. Keeping your anger inside is more likely to have a damaging experience and a kind of impact that lasts for a very long time.

At i-kare treatment center, we help you learn how to manage anger. There are many anger management skills and strategies that you can practice all by yourself and even explain it to others. Anyhow if you or anyone in your social circle experience a lot of rage and anger on a very frequent level, it is time for you or that particular other to seek professional help.

If you feel like the emotion that you are feeling can obstruct a person’s decision-making power, harm your relationships, and or else cause harm to you or others then you should acknowledge that you need professional help.

Overcoming All the Challenges That Come Your Way

If you feel that you are feeling all of these emotions that are stated below then you may need professional help to manage your anger. At i-kare treatment center we offer the best paths for you to treat your anger and all the challenges that come your way.

  • Your behavior has directed you to some criminal or civil misconduct.
  • Your behavior is violent towards your partner, children or other people and destroy your relations.
  • You threaten violence to people or property because of the rage that is filled inside you.
  • You have outbreaks of anger which include purposely and intentionally breaking things.
  • You have continuous arguments with your closed ones, your significant other, parents, children, office colleagues or anyone in your social circle.
  • You feel angry often but suppress the emotion.
  • You think that it is time for you that you need professional help with your anger at i-kare treatment center.

The Process of Anger Management

Anger management is a long process that helps you deal with your anger. It can help people recognize their stressors and triggers. People learn and adopt certain kinds of steps to help them stay peaceful and composed in anger management. They may after that be able to handle harsh conditions in a productive, positive way.

The core reason of anger management is to assist a person in diminishing their anger. It is near to impossible to avoid people and all kinds of settings in your surroundings that can actually trigger your anger. But if you seek professional help then a particular person may learn to regulate their anger and control their emotions in a much more productive and a socially appropriate manner.

Identifying the Main Causes of Anger

Numerous different circumstances can make a person angry. These may consist of:

  • Internal events that take place such as apparent failures, prejudices, or hindrances.
  • External events such as facing severe loss of property or in the amount of privileges, mocking, or disgrace.

Inappropriate displays and outbursts of anger may indicate a more serious mental health or emotional issue exists along the sideline. People who receive anger management therapy from a professional learn and adopt skills to slow their reaction to anger and how to control it. This can help them recognize the reason for the way they are feeling.

The main causes of anger may be suppressed in emotional trauma, addiction, grief, or various different issues. But a natural feeling may be to find temporary relief rather than lashing out on somebody. If this is the situation with you, working with a therapist at i-kare treatment center might be helpful and turn your life around.

How Anger Management Works

Anger management therapy offers a perfect set of recovery strategies. It gives the person in treatment a well-controlled and an organized platform for the release of their emotions that they are feeling or hiding it all inside. Similarly, it targets to accomplish productive responses, rather than destructive and damaging ones. People in therapy are stimulated and motivated to examine what actually triggers their anger. They turn out to be aware of their emotions at each level of arousal and stimulation. People adopt how to use the required signs as a map to manage their anger.

In therapy, people gain a better understanding into how their body responds to subsequent past and future events. They do this by recognizing the emotional reaction to a definite condition. Therapists at i-kare treatment center in USA may also help people notice anger responses that may be used as defense mechanisms for other serious issues raised. These concerns might include depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues that express themselves in different ways.

Anger Management Therapy

Anger management therapy often helps people that have issues with their anger and can reach to an extreme. It may also help the people in making up their social network and circle. Irrepressible anger may lead to destructive psychological and physical conditions that may cause harm to you and your closed ones in the future. Anger management therapy often helps to ease, relax and control anger. Anger is often caused by increased amounts of stress. It can also lower the risk for serious health problems. These conditions may consist heart disease and high blood pressure.

The goal of anger management therapy at i-kare treatment center is to teach people and giving them self-awareness on how to observe their triggers. Here, the professionals can helps people adjust how they look at situations. A successful anger management therapy may result in developing healthy ways for people to communicate their anger and frustration.

Your road to a much brighter future can start the minute you realize that you need help with your anger and take back control of your life.

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