Addiction Treatment for Couples West Palm Beach

Couples Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach 

Many couples do everything together and when it comes to drinking and drug use. However, that may have a negative effect on both individuals. If you and your significant other drink and use drugs together it’s time for a change. Going to rehab and getting help together is something that is offered at a good couples addiction treatment facility. At i-Kare Treatment Center we have a couple addiction program that can help you and your significant other. You will both be able to help each other during this difficult time and be able to push each other towards achieving sobriety.  

Can couples addiction treatment be effective for me and my partner?

If you and your partner are both struggling with drug and alcohol use it can be difficult to see that you each have a problem. Drinking and using drugs together on a daily basis is a problem for both of you and getting help will be beneficial for you both. If you’re both committed to seeking treatment and getting help, you’ll be able to help one another during your recovery. Having your partner be there for you and helping you during recovery can be very beneficial if your both willing to work on achieving sobriety. If one person isn’t fully committed to getting help, it can be detrimental to your recovery. There are many treatment programs that will be able to help couples who struggle with addiction. At i-Kare Treatment Center some of the programs we offer in our couples treatment program include:  

  • Group therapy sessions 
  • Weekly individual therapy 
  • Bi-weekly couple’s therapy  
  • Interdependence vs. codependence therapy 

i-Kare Treatment Center is here to help those couples who are struggling with addiction. You may be enabling your partner without even realizing it. Once you both are willing to get help you can take full advantage of couples addiction treatment in West Palm Beach. Our team at i-Kare Treatment Center has a team who can help you overcome your addiction problems. 

Call today for help!

Finding the right help for you and your partner is important for your overall recovery. You love and care about the person you’re with and when you both want to achieve sobriety you can help one another along the way. Doing what’s best for you and your partner begin with finding the right couple addiction treatment in West Palm Beach. I-Kare Treatment Center offers the best couples addiction treatment and we can provide you and your partner with the tools you need to get sober. Call today!

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